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We are WAX. Resilient, yet malleable.

"All it takes to change the world is to pluck a single blade of grass, make a single person smile... it truly is a lot more simple than we think. We think that in order to make an impact we need to make a huge organization or donate millions of dollars to a cause, but that’s thinking in extremes… That's why WAX has become such a large part of my brand - it represents me, and other humans, and nature in general. We are malleable, yet oh so resilient. And that is how we survive and adapt. By allowing change, but never losing sight of what matters and who we are. We are such a broken society, focusing so much on the physical and what others think of us.  That’s why I’m such a big promoter of self-expression - you can not change a society without first accepting and understanding it’s members.``

-Wax <3


Jessi Harris is a 26 year old self-taught artist currently based in South Florida.  Although always a creative, she went through her fair share of trials before learning to express and heal herself through the artistic process.  As someone who struggles with depression, anxiety, and ADHD, and had a past of self destructive tendencies, addiction, and homelessness, all of her art is created through therapeutic methods and even provides a cathartic effect through the eyes of the observer. Much of her art highlights the devastating effects of mental illness, while also maintaining a sarcastic sense of humor - a little glimmer of positivity and hope despite the darkness of today's current events.


Although WAX has only been in the art scene for 3 years, she has rapidly gained followers in Florida, and has already shown at Art Basel twice (2018, 2019), plus has her work up all around south Florida, as well as some locations in Minneapolis. She hopes to spread awareness about conscious living, as well as to create a safe place for people 

to express themselves, accept diversity, and learn about each other and their environment.  The newly fledged artist uses vivid colors and bold, blocky shapes to form introspective and sometimes shocking portrayals of her world view.   As she continues to create, much of her work has begun to pick up a nostalgic, “90’s Babies” playful vibe with underlying, darker motifs hinting towards childhood traumas, sexual healing, and the evolution of self (noticeable especially in her self-portraits).

Currently, WAX continues to make giant abstract paintings, eye-opening portraits, and one of a kind earrings, as well as up-cycled leather jackets, shoes, and installations made of recycled plastics - all in her eccentric "idgaf" style. She has recently began to experiment with plaster, LED lighting, clay, wire, and other 3D sculpture processes as well.  Some of her other motivations include: the celebration of the individual's role in society, color therapy, and sensory works of art - where she intends to design hand’s on digital and physical pieces that allow for a multi-faceted, therapeutic experience, plus trigger the awareness of even the most minute action and the importance of the individual's impact on the world.

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As an artist with an innovative mind, she hopes to make enough success to later structure a non-profit organization that combines art projects and science experiments to teach problem solving, coping, self-love, entrepreneurship, and other life skills to displaced and/or under privileged youth.

"That's Fire" - 1-of-1 Custom Painted Vintage Leather Jacket

She also plans on developing a creative hub, and a team of like minded individuals to organize sustainable innovations both in and out of the art world. Every share, like, and purchase helps support this young artist, her incredible pup, Finn, and her dream to change and inspire the world painting, person, and innovation at a time.

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 7.43.28 PM.png

"Silly Bands"

48"x48" mixed medium on stretched canvas

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