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Inspired by the current environmental crisis, The Jellyfish Movement was created by Wax (god-given name, Jessi Harris) to act as a metaphor for environmental apathy.  Made from plastic grocery bags, each jellyfish is patiently cut, molded, melted, and assembled by hand using the young artist's own self-discovered method. 

This installation uses stark contrasting principles (plastics vs nature) and transforms what most people would define as trash into an "ethereal experience."

Jellyfish populations are surprisingly, yet heavily linked to human activity. As greenhouse gases increase, much of the excess heat is absorbed by our oceans.

Unlike many marine species, jellyfish actually thrive in warm water, and don't need as much Oxygen to survive. As other fish and water species have began to dissipate, jellyfish are thriving more than ever - which is often a harbinger of an ailing ocean. These larger populations have even been responsible for disabling ships, disabling nuclear power plants, decimating salmon farms, and warding off tourists.

The contrast between plastic and nature makes the viewer ponder his or her individual effect on the planet. The goal is to end the state of apathy in the individual through an interactive, introspective, and touchable installation.

don't be a jellyfish


Another fan posing inside of the Jellyfish Installation during Art Basel Miami, 2019

Wax posing in front of her jellies, while painting one of her signature vintage leather jackets, "Skin Monsters."

"an eerily stunning installation ... that promotes introspection and forces the beholder to consider their own apathy and effect on the world."


by Jessi Harris

Floating, pulsating gently,

Gelatin fingers spiral,

Caressing the deep ambiguities.

Invisible first here,

Now there.


Glittering golden knit breathes overhead,

Pendulum bells of glass melt.

This translucent


Strands of sheer shimmering blood pearl.


Vaporous sockets linger

Like Ocean’s eyes, they glare as

plastic kites leave floating trails of

kaleidoscopic waste.


My serpentine hair slithers

Sharp-teethed tendrils bite without order

And screeches attack me in fear


I know they are just


Colors dart about with great clamor.

Bright blasts beat against me and

I forget to resist.

I watch, hypnotized, and absorb the blows

because I deserve bruises.


I float gently.

Freed by my lack of control,

I continue my journey

To exist.


photo of the artist taken while she was using a blowtorch to melt down and reshape plastic for an installation.

WAX posing with a young fan during her gallery showing at Art Basel 2019.

stay tuned for more  jellies!