Screaming Dino Can't Sleep at Night - the City is too Loud"

Screaming Dino Can't Sleep at Night - the City is too Loud"


As s*&t hit the fan during this global pandemic (literally the understatement of the year, amiright), I was steadily pushed to turn towards some more digital pieces, both because I have less opportunity to go foraging for materials, but also so that I could create some custom pieces that are a bit more affordable than my original artworks.  


This lil' screaming dino has been on my to-do list for months now, and the wide-eyed Sauropod will definitely make some more appearances as I delve more into graphics, stickers, graphic T's, (maybe NFT's, if I can find a way to counteract the environmental impact) and even some 3D sculpture renders!  Cause who doesn't need some hot pink long neck dino buddies around to share your existential suffering ;).


This dino is super cute, but also super metaphorical for ... *insert drumroll here* ... the existential dread of a slowly decaying human society! I intend to make a whoooole lot more of these lil' guys; reminiscent of the detrimental impact humans have on our environment, the playful, stuffed animal aspects also represent some of my own distorted childhood experiences from growing up in a not-so-caring home as a young kid. I know, LAYERS!! *sarcastically claps hands*


** Product price is subject to change as I take inflation and printing/shipping costs into consideration, please contact with any questions! **