As s*&t hit the fan during this global pandemic (literally the understatement of the year, amiright?), I was steadily pushed to turn towards some more digital pieces, both because I have less ability to go foraging for materials, but also so that I could create some custom prints that are a bit more affordable than my original artworks.  


This little screaming dino has been on my to-do list for months now, and she will definitely make some more appearances as I delve more into graphics, stickers, graphic T's, and even some 3D sculpture renders!  Cause who doesn't need some hot pink long neck dino buddies around to share your existential suffering? ;). This lil dino is super cute, but also super metaphorical for - you guessed it - the existential dread of a slowly decaying human society! I intend to make a whoooole lot more of these guys, not only are they reminiscent of human's effects on their environment, but the playful, stuffed animal aspects also represent some of my own distorted childhood experiences from growing up in a not-so-caring home as a young kid. I know, LAYERS!! *excitedly claps hands*


*Product price is subject to change as I take inflation and printing/shipping costs into consideration, please contact with any questions! 

"All Dead Animals Howl at the Moon"