Graffiti Clutch

Graffiti Clutch


This mid-sized clutch has been hand-picked and hand painted by muah ;) 


This fantastic fun-sized combo clutch comes with a dainty gold chain and bow that COULD HAVE been super basic if I hadn't angrily attacked it with some vivid spray paint colors - the chain can be totally hidden if necessary. Add a bit of edge to your typically minimal style, or give your weekend fit an extra dose of "social rebel" with this custom graffitied bag (get it, cause people who just run around spray-painting shit are like, rebels and shit. But also cause this is a recycled bag and you'll be supporting a small business instead of wasting all of your money on fast fashion - which produces WAY TOO MUCH waste + fossel fuels).


Each purchase you make supports me (Wax), my incredible dog, Finn, and our dreams of starting a 100% sustainable clothing brand, as well as beginning a non-profit organization that reinvents education and teaches business, finance, trade, and mental health skills to underprivileged communities through large scale art projects :)


If you're interested in networking, donating, or collaborating, please contact me at !


*this clutch is roughly 10" long for some size reference