12x16.5" unstretched* canvas.  Acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel.


Another piece from my "Toxic Relationships" mini series, this piece uses contrasting and primary colors to represent the enormous changes in mood that come from being psychologically abused.  The squiggly faces represent the self doubt and internal changes in personality that occur when being constantly gaslighted or manipulated.  There are also ominous shadows, and an abstract screaming woman that point towards the abusers and their selfishness when using manipulation tactics to trap their victoms, much like a spider maliciously spinning it's web.


*canvas can be stretched or framed upon request, potentially resulting in additional fees for prep and/or packaging. Please contact me at wax@firstwaxtree.com with any questions or requests!

Waiting in Line to Taste My Heart - An Ode to Douchebags